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Resources for Staff and Faculty of North Carolina Colleges and Universities

Referrals to Assist Survivors

Students often look to trusted campus staff and faculty members for assistance when they encounter difficult personal or social situations. Due to the shockingly high prevalence of intimate partner violence, stalking and sexual violence on our nation’s campuses, staff should be aware of all potential avenues for assistance on their campus and in the broader community, and be prepared to support students by making the appropriate referrals.

eNOugh NC provides resources to assist staff with referrals that can help a student stay safe and explore their options for recovery. Please reach out to eNOugh NC or our partner organizations if there is a student who needs your help.

NCCADV Campus Membership, Training, and Technical Assistance

The North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence offers training and technical assistance to member campuses about preventing and responding to intimate partner violence.

Each Campus Membership helps NCCADV strengthen the anti-violence movement across North Carolina. Join today to foster connections with other campus professionals who are striving to make our state IPV-free. For more information on the benefits of membership for staff, faculty, AND students, click here, or contact Carolina Alzuru, Director of Training.

ModelCampus: Title IX Action Guide

(NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 2017)

NCCADV created this guide to assist campuses in preventing and addressing intimate partner violence on campuses in a trauma-informed and federally compliant manner. This guide covers the following IPV-related topics:

  • Prevention and education
  • Support services
  • Reporting and privacy concerns
  • Investigation and adjudication
  • Policy development

Guidance and Model Policy Documents

(NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 2015)

NCCADV has created guidance to help colleges as they develop policies and programs for:

  • domestic/intimate partner violence
  • stalking
  • sexual violence

If you are interested in further information on how NCCADV can assist campuses in preventing and responding to intimate partner violence, contact Carolina Alzuru, Director of Training.